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With the software 3CAD LITE, each retailer can guide the customer through a 3D bathroom design and support the company in managing orders.

N.B. the software may have problems running on Windows 7 with the introduction of new updates. The program is not supported on Windows Vista, Windows XP or earlier versions, iOS, Linux or tablets.


How do I install the graphics software?

  1. Go to and click the Download graphics software button to download the run file.
  2. Disable your antivirus software to prevent it from blocking or corrupting the installation.
  3. Run the file that has been downloaded to install the software, and continue clicking Next. On the installation page: select local if you want to install the software locally on your computer, or client if you want to install the software on a server that has the necessary data.
  4. Once the installation is complete, start the program.
  5. The first time you run the program, a form will appear where you can create an account . Once you have entered all the required data, select “Request activation“. An email containing an activation code will be sent to the address you entered above (check that the email has been entered correctly).
  6. Leave the registration form open, open the email, and copy and paste the activation code into the “activation” field on the form.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Activate“.Your registration will be sent to Arcom and approved within 24 hours.

Has your licence expired or been deactivated?

If you have just installed the program, this is normal. This means that your registration is being processed and it will be activated soon.

If the message appears after 24 hours, or if you were already using the software, please send an email with the activation code to:

Can I use the software on multiple workstations?

Yes, there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. you can create a server to store shared data and orders across all workstations using the software. Install the software locally on a PC or server, then install it on the various workstations as a ‘client’ and link to the folder containing the program installed previously. This means data and orders will be shared and viewable from all stations.
  2. Install the program as “local” on more than one workstation and work from more than one workstation (recommended). However, please note that the orders will be split between the various workstations (you can only see your own orders and not those belonging to others).

The program is not working properly

Is your program not working properly? Are the prices not appearing? Are the furniture graphics not being displayed correctly?

These errors are very often caused by the antivirus software installed on your PC. The only way to solve the problem is to deactivate your antivirus software and launch the program. The files will start downloading and the problem should be resolved.

If the problem persists, reinstall the program (with the antivirus deactivated). You can reinstall the program over the one already on your PC, so as not to lose your previous registration and login.

If it still does not work, you will need to uninstall the previous program, delete all of its folders and install it again from scratch (with the antivirus deactivated). If you have any problems, please contact us.

Is the software free?

The software is free of charge for all new customers (for the first year) and for those with a turnover of more than € 10,000.

Customers who do not meet this requirement must pay for the software. The cost of an annual subscription is € 100 + VAT.

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