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ARCOM S.R.L. has implemented a new, interconnected IT system bringing together everyone involved in making a specific product. The system is also able to create a dynamic, automated bill of materials. It was funded through the “New 4.0 business management system” project, co-financed within the framework of the POR FESR 2014-2020 programme (approved with regional decree DGR no. 2639 of 28 December 2017), specifically under Activity 2.3.b – Call 23b1-bis “Investment aid, and SME business reorganisation and restructuring – Supporting innovative SME consolidation through innovative ICT services and technology”. This investment has made data consultation and storage more efficient, facilitated production for each work order, and accelerated response times and accuracy to customer requests.

Eligible expenditure € 197.680,00

Contribution granted € 98.840,00


Thanks to the “New integrated JE-ERP production control system” project, co-funded as part of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 Action  “Aid for investments in machinery, plants and intangible assets, and supporting business reorganisation and restructuring processes”, Activity 2.3.b.1 “Supporting SME competitiveness and technological innovation in different sectors of the regional production system, financing technological investments”, ARCOM SRL has created a production management system integrated with all business management processes through a single ERP system interconnected with the individual production units. This has brought about significant improvements in terms of increased production efficiency, delivery times and product customisation costs.

Eligible expenditure € 96.273,30

Contribution granted € 48.463,65

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