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Designing a modern bathroom with the marble effect

Today, in the world of interior design, the timeless elegance and luxury of a material like marble can be expressed in new innovative materials, which introduce the use of what is referred to as marble-effect cladding to the landscape of finishes.

In this new blog article, we will explore these alternative solutions and how versatile they are in cladding bathroom cabinets, washbasins, accessories, walls and floors, and specifically how well they match the clean-cut, minimalist silhouettes of a modern bathroom.

bagno effetto marmo moderno

Marble vs marble effect

A premise must be made before we leave you some tips and inspirations to furnish a bathroom with the marble effect.

The preciousness and superior aesthetic value of natural marble are unquestionable characteristics. However, when choosing wall and floor cladding, as well as bathroom furniture, fittings and accessories, there are multiple alternative materials to choose from, such as cultured marble, porcelain stoneware, laminates or epoxy resin (to name but a few), each with its own specific characteristics and advantages.

Although these materials are capable of perfectly replicating the beauty and elegance of ‘natural’ marble, we should however bear in mind that they are still artificially created products. As a result, the aesthetic uniqueness that characterises each slab of marble extracted in nature from quarries, which is distinguished precisely by unrepeatable variations in colour, veining, texture but also by those tiny flaws that contribute to confirming the material’s aesthetic singularity, will be lost.

lavabo bagno moderno marmo bianco Carrara

Why choose the marble effect in the bathroom

Even so, the variety of marble effects on the market is nevertheless a very valid and trendy choice in the world of interior design for a number of reasons, in addition to the obvious aesthetic value.

The preference for a marble effect over natural marble in designing a bathroom can be influenced by reasons related to the performance of the material it is made of, its ease of maintenance and a much broader freedom of customisation, which can almost be described as ‘made-to-measure’. As you can see, these are all technical characteristics that make marble effects in interior design the perfect finishes offering aesthetic elegance while at the same time accommodating more functional requirements.

Let’s try to investigate these aspects in more detail with some examples.

Since they are made with artificial materials, marble effects can feature special innovative technologies, which makes them more stain-resistant and easier to clean than natural marble, which instead requires more care in the way it is treated.

So to decorate the most frequently-used rooms in the home, such as the bathroom and kitchen, they are certainly a more suitable choice as they meet the need for greater practicality in day-to-day life. They are more resistant to scratches and breakage than natural marble, guaranteeing greater durability.

bagno effetto marmo moderno coordinato

The extensive range of modern marble-effect materials

Modern technology has made it possible to find a wide range of modern marble-effect materials on the market. Below are just a few examples that are also suitable for cladding and decorating a bathroom:

  • cultured marble: a composite material obtained from a blend of polymeric resins, coloured pigments and the addition of marble powder. This compound is subjected to a pressing and pressure hardening process. Once the material has reached the desired texture, it can be cut, polished (a matt finish can also be achieved) and processed just like natural marble to create slabs, tiles or other architectural and decorative elements as required.
  • porcelain stoneware: ceramic material that is produced through a high-temperature firing process. It consists mainly of clay, feldspar and minerals, which are mixed together and pressed to form slabs that can be customised with different textures and colours. Its main technical features include resistance to moisture and easy cleaning. This is an ideal technical characteristic for use in settings such as the bathroom.
  • marble-effect laminate: made from materials such as plywood or wood, with its smooth, even surfaces, laminate undergoes a high-definition printing process. This material is a cheaper option than natural marble or porcelain stoneware and provides a satisfying realistic appearance as well as good resistance to moisture.
  • decorative resins: a range of materials that offer greater flexibility in terms of design and customisation, which is why they can be used to create ‘made-to-measure’ marble-effect wall claddings.
  • marble-effect wallpaper: sheets of paper printed with various decorative motifs, including marble motifs. This can be a cheaper and easier option to install than traditional materials. If you decide to clad the walls of a modern bathroom with it, it is important to make sure the wallpaper is waterproof and highly moisture-resistant.

As you can see from these examples, the variety of options available is extensive and accommodates every taste and design requirement. We can conclude by stating that the choice of materials for a modern marble-effect bathroom turns out to be not only aesthetically appealing, but also convenient from a practical perspective, and in some cases even economical.

Ideas and inspiration for a marble-effect bathroom

From the daring reinterpretations of classic white marble to the striking contrasts of black marble with grey or coloured variations in shade, from combinations with other materials to the total claddings, the marble-effect bathroom bewitches with its aesthetics and, at the same time, opens up to functionality. Below, we offer a roundup of Arcom-style inspiration for a modern marble-effect bathroom.

Modern black marble-effect bathroom furniture

This first furniture proposal from the Wind collection suggests a wall-mounted washbasin finished in Azalai Negro stoneware: its dark surface is characterised by grey veins and golden veins, both recalling the appearance of black marble variants. Although this marble effect does not faithfully replicate traditional marble with its typical colour and veining, it does give the bathroom a very contemporary and stylised interpretation of black marble.

mobili bagno effetto marmo nero moderno

An intriguing stylistic choice for those who wish to bring an elegant and refined atmosphere into the bathroom, just like the ambiance instilled by the many types of natural black marble, but with the performance and durability typical of an artificial material such as marble-effect porcelain stoneware. Combined with the vibrancy of the colour (in this case the modern shade of Porpora) the black marble-effect washbasin creates a modern and sophisticated furnishing contrast.

rivestimento bagno effetto marmo nero

In this second option, the classic elegance of the black marble effect, which clads the built-in washbasin and the top, is combined with the graphic aesthetics that characterise the Pollock Trame bathroom furniture. White streaks and intersecting black lines, which express different styles, tell the story of an fascinating encounter between tradition and modernity.

lavabo effetto marmo nero

Modern white marble-effect bathroom furniture

For those who prefer white marble to black, here are some suggestions for modern white marble-effect bathroom furniture. In this first case, the finish cladding the wall units is a stylistic reference to the immaculate beauty of prized Carrara marble, a Tuscan marble characterised by its white background with grey streaks.

In this other composition, the free-standing Free washbasin in Gres Iris Calacatta finish recalls stylistically (and in its very name) another type of white marble, namely Calacatta, which is similar to Carrara marble, but is characterised by generally larger and more pronounced veins. Moreover, the white marble effect is even more amplified in this bathroom composition, extending from the bathroom furniture to the wall down to the floor. The marble effect becomes a key feature of the entire composition, with its strong yet far from overbearing presence. A touch of sophisticated elegance harmoniously combined with a more modern brushed metal effect.

mobili bagno moderno effetto marmo bianco

Both the above solutions are also ideal for creating bright and spacious surroundings. Choosing white marble-effect cladding therefore becomes significantly functional in a small bathroom, while in a larger one or in the master bathroom of the home, this type of cladding contributes to creating a more scenic effect first and foremost. In addition, its colour neutrality means it easily matches other materials and colours, making it the perfect solution for shaping modern, harmonious bathroom compositions.

Wood and marble effect bathroom furniture

Not just marble effect: for a modern bathroom, dare to combine it with other materials, for instance naturally inspired materials such as wood, which softens the overwhelming presence of marble by creating new balances.

This minimalist composition with Moov shelf and Rubik washbasin, is a clear example: it simulates the appearance of marble through the Umbra Marron Abujardado stoneware finish and accommodates the textured appeal of wood. Wood and marble effect: a seemingly classic pairing in terms of materials, but at the same time a bold and modern solution for cladding modern design.

bagno moderno effetto marmo

The name of this marble-effect finish is reminiscent of a processing technique specific to marble, Abujardado, after the Spanish word ‘abujardar’ meaning ‘to hammer’.This marble processing results in a rough-and-smooth texture, similar to that of a natural stone that has been hammered or processed by hand, to recreate small bumps and ripples on the surface that make it appealing, not only to the eye, but also from a tactile perspective.

This expression of the material, which only appears to have been processed in this case as it is purely an effect, harmoniously matches the equally processed surface of the storage module in Naturale oak embellished with the Riga texture. This dual style combo creates a sense of balance between the cool elegance of the marble (effect) marble and the natural warmth of wood.

mobili bagno effetto marmo e legno

Marble-effect laundry-room units

In interior design, the home laundry-room is often overlooked, relegated to a simple utility space. However, with the advent of new trends in furniture and design, this room, like others, can also become a stylish and functional room. How so? For instance, by cladding the surfaces of the furniture with more sophisticated finishes, such as a marble effect as suggested by this Arcom IWASH composition for an elegant bathroom & laundry space.

mobili lavanderia effetto marmo

The minimalist design of the base unit dons a clean yet refined aesthetic, creating a unique setting (bringing bathroom and laundry room together harmoniously) that is truly distinctive (for a stylistic choice that stands out).

Marble-effect walls in a modern bathroom

Marble effects can also clad the walls of the bathroom, to add a touch of sophistication to the setting capable of revolutionising the perception of the space, not just aesthetically.

A marble-effect wall can be used to enhance certain corners within a room, such as small or large washbasin areas, or the exposed wall of a shower area, to be embellished with modern, contrasting black accessories.

parete bagno effetto marmo nero
parete bagno effetto marmo moderno
parete doccia effetto marmo moderno

The marble effect can therefore be the absolute star feature of one or more walls, but also simply of small inserts, through the insertion of wall panels. In the following composition, for instance, the black marble-effect wall insert is fitted beside the bathroom mirror: a stylish detail that transforms the washbasin area into the focal point of the room and matches the aesthetics of the bathroom furniture to complete it, without weighing it down.

boiserie bagno effetto marmo nero

In conclusion, if you want a modern marble-effect bathroom, the variety of synthetic materials on the market offers valid alternatives that can replicate the elegance and refinement of natural marble with superior performance, plus advantages in terms of maintenance and cost. That said, the preference between natural marble and marble effect depends mainly on your practical needs and personal preferences in terms of style.

At Arcom, you’ll find furnishing solutions for both preferences, from modern marble effects to the classic allure of natural marble – you just have to start designing the style of your bathroom.

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