Bathroom furniture 21 December 2023

How to create an elegant laundry & bathroom space.

Furnishing a laundry & bathroom space combining both an elegant design and practical features can be a real challenge. Arcom laundry spaces offer functional ideas, refined details and quality finishes, taking on a new identity to become more than just a secondary utility space and, instead, somewhere to design, furnish and accessorise with practical, versatile and aesthetically coordinated solutions.

In this article, we will explore practical, creative and stylish suggestions for creating a slick, modern laundry & bathroom space, even if compact in size, responding to common needs related to space management and organisation, without compromising on style.

bagno lavanderia elegante

How to hide your washer and dryer

If your main bathroom is also the only space you have to create a laundry area, finding a neat way to incorporate the washer and dryer into the overall design is both necessary and challenging. Those who are also just looking for a clean aesthetic, with all appliances hidden from view, may also face this dilemma.

There are various solutions to this problem that don’t diminish the elegance of the space. Deeper units, recesses or custom-made pieces can conceal your appliances, while creating a functional yet refined feel.

A washer and a dryer are both hidden in the photo below, but where?

elettrodomestici nascosti bagno lavanderia

They are hidden in the recess. In this specific case, a corner was carved out for the appliances, instead of aligning them with the laundry unit, to create a predominantly bathroom space.

elettrodomestici nascosti in nicchia

How to maximise your bathroom space with a laundry area, in style

Many of us find ourselves needing to furnish a small laundry room in a functional yet elegant way. To optimise a small space, we recommend exploring compact compositions on a single wall (as shown in the photo), or vertical arrangements, where the washer and dryer are stacked in a column.

bagno piccolo con lavanderia

In small rooms particularly, opting for light, neutral colours and using large mirrors with built-in LED lights can help to make the space look bigger and feel more inviting.

mobili lavanderia piccola

How to choose your design and materials, for a modern laundry & bathroom space

Linear, minimalist designs create a clean, timeless look. To add a touch of sophistication, why not opt for on-trend finishes such as a marble effect, often used in the main bathroom, which also lend elegance to the laundry area?

bagno lavanderia moderno effetto marmo

Lacquered colours paired with special finishes like a brushed metal effect also create a polished look. Combinations like this one can add a modern touch to your laundry room, as well as creating contrasts that look great. By paying attention to these details, you can transform what would be a plain utility space into a personalised, custom-built corner flaunting the latest interior-design trends.

mobile lavanderia colorato

Floor-standing base units without plinths are both an aesthetic design choice – creating a more modern, linear look – and a practical preference, allowing you to make full use of the space inside the unit.

arredare bagno lavanderia elegante

How to organise your laundry space elegantly and practically

The secret to keepings things tidy and stylish in a laundry area is neatly working in functional, elegant features. Storage units and pull-out laundry baskets can help achieve this balance, blending seamlessly into the overall look of the bathroom space.

cesti portabiancheria per lavanderia

At Arcom, we have designed a range of elements that go beyond their practical purpose, contributing to creating an aesthetically pleasing environment in every detail: designer shelves, hangers, dress holders and clothes racks.

mobile bagno lavanderia elegante effetto metallizzato
lavabo lavatoio per lavanderia con stendibiancheria

The washing area is an important part of any laundry room, but traditional washtubs are not particularly elegant. Instead, why not opt for a washbasin in Teknoril, which is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, and also ticks all the boxes for practicality and aesthetics?

lavabo lavanderia

How to create innovative solutions in your bathroom & laundry space to suit all needs

Who said you can’t be daring with your furniture and accessories in a laundry area?

Design a modern laundry space by experimenting with creative solutions, transforming it into a stylish room with its own identity.

An island (or peninsula) can be turned into a multifunctional workstation: offering plenty of practical workspace, you can use it for everything from folding laundry to ironing. Just as in the kitchen, an island unit can become the focal point of your bathroom & laundry space, serving a practical purpose while also creating an original look.

mobile lavanderia moderno

A bench-style unit with a clothes stand makes for handy shelf space and also allows you to hang up clean clothes or freshly washed towels. Here, too, by combining form and function, your furniture can serve as a valuable means of optimising space and keeping everything tidy.

accessori bagno lavanderia moderni

A fully fitted tall unit with a built-in clothes stand is another smart, space-saving solution for storing an ironing board, broom or other useful items, as well as for hanging up ironed clothes or tomorrow’s outfit.

armadio mobile lavanderia bianco

Arcom’s style focus and penchant for the practical also come through in its extremely minimalist yet highly functional solutions like the piece shown in the photo. It consists in two handy shelves, one of which you can use as a worktop. Position it wherever you like in your space; it is perfect for optimising compact corners or hard-to-furnish areas. It also doesn’t create any floor clutter, making cleaning much easier.

mobile bagno lavanderia minimal

Bathroom and laundry: how to create two spaces in one

Combining the laundry and bathroom spaces might also be a desirable choice rather than a necessity. It’s a great way to make efficient use of the bathroom space, combining it with daily laundry tasks. But bringing together these two areas requires careful planning and design. The aim is to create a functional layout that both meets the practical needs of a laundry space, and provides a comfortable environment, suitable for personal care and relaxation.

bagno lavanderia stile moderno

To achieve this, you need to think about how you want to organise the space. Solutions hiding the washer and dryer in cleverly designed units create a clean look to match the rest of the interiors. Your choice of materials, colours and lighting also plays an important role in creating a coherent feel in both the laundry space and bathroom.

The addition of a shower in matching finishes and materials to coordinate with the bathroom furniture creates a stronger visual tie between the rooms and adds an extra feature to the bathroom & laundry space.

bagno lavanderia stile elegante

To conclude, furnishing a laundry & bathroom space is about more than just being practical. Style matters. Arcom’s product range allows you to transform your space into a modern, elegant room that reflects your personality and meets all your everyday needs.

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