News 20 December 2023

Wind, a breath of fresh style for your bathroom furniture

The year is drawing to a close, but Arcom still has more new product designs to share with the release of the new Arcom Design Wind catalogue. You can download it now from the website. This bathroom furniture design has been created to give a unique look to monobloc builds.

arredo bagno colorato Wind

The pieces in this collection feature a uniquely designed drawer, with a wrap-around effect created by the front, which extends fluidly around the unit sides, serving as a practical grip. The total absence of handles on the front, whether built-in or applied, opens up the entire drawer surface to refined textured finishes like Greca, which you can customise in a wide range of lacquer colours.

design arredo bagno wind arcom

The attention to detail in every aspect of this design can also be seen on the inside of the unit, with functional touches such as practical LED lighting along the drawer profiles, highlighting not only the style of the collection but also its content.

Explore the new catalogue and transform your bathroom into a sophisticated, stylish spot.

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